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Current Project

Trend Forecasting 2025

I have been exploring possible trends for 2025 and thought about Lunar Living and how this would mirror the way we will live in years to come.  Community, eco living, globular living, layering in architecture and  multipurpose clothing.

Screenshot 2021-03-29 at 13.53.42.png

Colour Palette


Jupiter as inspiration

astronaut .jpg

Photoshop Work

moon 1.jpg

Photoshop Work

Trend Prediction 2025: Services

Current Project

Trend Forecasting 2025

At this initial stage I am exploring different possibilities to take further throughout this personal project.


Exploring Globular using Crepe Paper


Exploring Layering


Globular using Ink


Globular Using Hot Glue

Trend Prediction 2025: Services
Trend Prediction 2025: Pro Gallery
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