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This personal project was created during the first lock down.  The project was based on foliage and the plants that grow in my garden. I wanted to explore possibilities and in particular a 3d wall covering . During this time with no access to the resources at college I had to become experimental and work with the resources I had available to me at home.

3D Foliage Wall Covering

Creating a paper 3d wallpaper sample, with added machine stitched areas to add further interest.


Mono Print as a Wall Covering

Hand printed using mono printing, creates a one off piece.  Adding this to photoshop to add colour and visualised as a wall-covering.

Hand Painted and Stitched Foliage Pattern

Using my drawings, stitching directly into it. Visualising as a chair covering.

Foliage 3D Wall covering : Services

3d Foliage Wall Covering

Taking my paper sample 3d wall covering and pushing it further to create a series of hand dyed foliage , with stitch adds texture the some areas of foliage can be manipulated to create different shapes with the leaves.


3D Foliage as a Wall Covering

Adding texture through machine stitching.  Hand dyed fabric.


The final outcome from my personal project.

Foliage 3D Wall covering : Services
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