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Rhythmic Sillouettes

Surface pattern creator and designer Danielle Aked has explored digital and traditional processes and combined them with material manipulation to create a series of three dimensional wall panels.

The collection entitled Rhythmic Silhouettes explores the connection between foliage and the hard lines of modern architecture and the use of patterns and rhythm within them, blending the two in order to create an aesthetically pleasing and tactile response. 

Danielle has taken the notion of traditional surface pattern being a flat 2d surface and pushed the boundaries throughout the research and experimentation resulting in multipurpose pieces that offer the freedom for moveability. 

The work starts with the digital image which is then developed through editing, hand drawing and transformed into 3 dimensional wall panels. Danielle has used sound  absorbing boards to mount her pieces, the result is Rhythmic Silhouette, a collection for commercial and interior spaces. 

Rhythmic Sillouettes: Text
Rhythmic Sillouettes: Pro Gallery
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